The Customer Focus™

Implement Shep’s trademark business philosophy to create and sustain a corporate culture that values relationship-building with both external and internal customers.

Amaze Every Customer Every Time

From Shep’s best-selling book, Amaze Every Customer Every Time, apply 52 weekly best practices tools for an entire year of customer service coaching that will consistently deliver amazing “Moments of Magic®.”

5 Ways to Create an Amazing Customer Experience

In this short, 20-minute course, Shep explains five simple ways you can start creating the customer service culture you desire.

6 Steps to Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

In this short, 50-minute course designed for leadership, Shep lays out six definitive steps you can take as a leader in your organization to create the customer service culture you envision.

Managing Angry Customers and Handling Customer Complaints

Shep provides various tips and tactics to help diffuse challenging situations with customers in this one-hour course.

Be Amazing Or Go Home

Based on my bestselling book of the same name, learn how to be Amazing through the Seven Amazement Habits, containing over 25 tips and pointers. Each of these are easy to implement right away, helping you achieve Amazement in both your professional and personal life.

First, thank you for your interest in Shepard VT. Whether you are looking to learn new skills to help you develop a customer service mindset, or you are already a master at creating customer amazement, you will learn and be reminded of powerful customer service concepts and strategies that will help take you from ordinary to extraordinary – and from average to amazing.

I’ve always believed that much of customer service is common sense – that, unfortunately, is not always so common. These programs do not teach complicated systems to help drive the customer service experience. On the contrary, they provide a simple approach that focuses on the basics. Yet, these basics are powerful and must be mastered by everyone in a customer focused organization.

As you make your way through the various programs, you will find ideas, tips, and very specific strategies that will take your customer service to the next level. Even if you do not actually deal with external customers, you will quickly understand that you have internal customers – people you work with inside of your organization who depend on you to get their job done.

We recognize that there are many different responsibilities our learners engage in, yet we have created content that is applicable to everyone – and that means you, regardless of your position and responsibility in your company. It doesn’t matter if you are on the front line, behind the scenes, the most recently hired employee or the CEO of the company, these training programs are for you.

So let’s not wait any longer. It’s time to be … AMAZING!!

Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE
Chief Amazement Officer
Shepard Presentations, LLC

Customer service isn’t a department; it’s a philosophy”

What is happening on the inside of your organization is felt on the outside by your customers. The importance of a corporate culture that fulfills and excites its employees cannot be underestimated. Some of the best organizations know one of the keys is incorporating a strong customer service philosophy embraced by every single person.

  • Build loyal relationships with customers and employees
  • Raise the bar on customer service and marketing strategies
  • Deliver tangible results through saved business and referrals
  • Recognize the value of providing excellent service to both external and internal customers

See how Shepard VT builds the optimal customer service culture in your organization. View the course outlines to see which one is right for your business.