The Team Carries The Dream

Your team will be led through 3 courses: Financial Faux pas, Phone Training & Scheduling, and Creating a World class Customer Experience.

  • The patient experience cycle: 3 keys for every patient interaction
  • The 5 components of Creating a Transformational Customer Experience
  • Only and Exactly: Providing each customer the experience they desire
  • It's About Time: Creating efficiency in every patient interaction
  • The most common types of financial faux pas in the chiropractic offices
  • Role playing the most common patient financial scenarios
  • Getting it right the first time! Insurance verifications and communication
  • Understanding communication
  • What Do I Say? Handling the surprise phone calls.
  • Interactive phone call training

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Hear What Clients Have Said

"Before coming to SIDECAR my life was frustrating. I was doing my best but in spite of the fact that there were huge gaps in my schedule, I was exhausted from the "work" and didn't believe I could handle being as busy as I wanted to be. After adopting the SIDECAR processes, my referrals have increased dramatically and so has the energy of my practice - it feels like there's room to grow!" 

Dr. Samantha Colautti
Bolton, Ontario

""Never once in 15 years of practice did I hit my patient goal I had set for myself and I always thought the answer was better marketing or harder work. Then I came to SIDECAR, followed their system and now I hit that goal almost every week."

Dr.Chad Nekl
Sioux Falls, SD

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