Brain SPA 2022

September 30-October 1, 2022

Brain SPA will be held at an intimate venue with limited seating available: Lightspeed VT

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  • Registration for the doctor ($999) and significant other ($299)
  • Friday night reception with peers and SIDECAR leaders
  • Day pass for Brain SPA 2022

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  • Registration for the doctor ($1499) and significant other ($299)
  • Friday night reception with peers and SIDECAR leaders
  • Day pass for Brain SPA 2022 with special seating
  • Dinner reservations with SIDECAR leaders on Saturday evening

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We ALWAYS get new things out of it. We never quite know what that's going to be. It's always exciting to come and see what they got

- Dr. Deb Bobendrier -


Meet Shep

Shep Hyken is customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations.  He is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author and has been inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for lifetime achievement in the speaking profession.

Shep Hyken's presentation focuses on customer service, customer loyalty, internal service, customer relations,and customer experience.


Brain SPA

BrainSPA offers learning opportunities encompassing the Science, Philosophy and Art of life, relationships, and chiropractic business.

Building Your Brand Learn new ways to build your brand. 

Connectivity Connect with others in the industry. 

Rejuvenation Plan your rejuvenation period.

Inspirational Training Hear inspirational training on self-improvement. 

Incredible Atmosphere Prepare yourself for a high energy, action packed time.

Memorable Events Develop memories for you and your team. 

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Stay with SIDECAR at the M Resort

Brain SPA will be held at the Lightspeed VT building in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Our Services

Interactive Training  

Become a confident business leader, develop a high-performing team, attract new patients and lead a balanced/successful life. Learn proven techniques to conquer the challenges of growing a practice.


Your very own Mastermind Group personalized to your specific needs. As a member of a SIDECAR Pit Crew you receive unlimited access to a SIDECAR certified trainer and membership in an exclusive network of SIDECAR Doctors and SIDECAR Overdrive Interactive Training.

Billing Service  

Chiropractic billing service with a U.S. based clearinghouse and a professionally-trained team to handle all of your claims processing needs. It’s like a dream come true.

Managed IT Services

With SIDECAR Managed IT Services, if you have an IT problem, it’s SIDECAR’s problem! As a subscriber, your managed IT services begin with an on-site visit to your office to establish a pristine working environment.

Team Improvement  

The Team Improvement Rewards Program – or TIRP – is 24 months of training designed to help chiropractors with a constant challenge: developing new hires into ideal team players. Start growing your chiropractic business and gain access to TIRP today.

Continuing Education  

SIDECAR has curated a collection of continuing education courses from chiropractic experts around the world. These courses can be available on-demand through SIDECAR Overdrive Interactive Training.

SIDECAR helps you with all aspects of the practice but one of the biggest things is not to make the mistakes that most doctors will make.

- Dr. Brad Eyford -

About Us

At SIDECAR, we liberate you from the daily hassles of running a chiropractic business so you can be free to do what you love – care for your patients. 

With a collective 75 years in experience, SIDECAR can offer proven methods for achieving a successful chiropractic practice. We are here to free you from the stress of practice management by giving you support and training for achieving chiropractic success. Our highly trained team can offer you online training, solutions for billing, IT management and one-on-one-training. We are committed to helping you achieve chiropractic affluence through our expert guidance.

Reviews from Our Community 

“I would recommend to any doctor out there that doesn't really know what direction they need to go in their practice."

- Dr. Taylor Levine

“I couldn’t begin to put a price on what SIDECAR has given me. To having the billing done by experts and the security in knowing that it’s being followed up on is priceless.”

- Dr. Wade Anunson

“SIDECAR taught me how to systematize my practice and make my practice run independent of the personalities. Also key concepts on what we sell as chiropractors.”

- Dr. Josh Biberdorf